Auto ESR tubes 0.109M (3.2%)

Material: Glass
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ESR tubes are used for Westergren sedimentation rate determination. The tubes contain buffered sodium citrate solution as an anticoagulant. Citrate concentration is either 0.109M (3.2%) or 0.129M (3.8%). Blood and sodium citrate volume ratio is one part citrate to four parts blood.

    Auto ESR tubes 0.109M (3.2%)

    Ensy REF Volume (mL) Size (mm) Additive Material Closure type Color
    NC0391103 1.28 8 x 120 Sodium Citrate (0.109M, 3.2%) Glass Conventional Black
    NC0391104 1.6 8 x 120 Sodium Citrate (0.109M, 3.2%) Glass Conventional Black

     Paper, transparent, and UV printed labels / Other draw volumes.
    PACKING All tubes are supplied in racks of 100 / cases of 1200.



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