BioLok™ Universal Pipette tips

Type: Non-Sterile
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Choose from a comprehensive line of pipette tips for demanding liquid-handling applications

Universal fit for research-grade pipettors.

  • Engineered for increased accuracy and are compatible with single-channel, multichannel, and electronic pipettors
  • DNase-/RNase-free; sterile tips are also pyrogen-free
  • Clear color
  • Tips allow for non-contaminated sample recovery

Volume Range (μl)

Product Code  Volume range
BioLok™ 10 μl Filtered, Racked Tips
BioLok™ 200 μl Filtered, Racked Tips
P0300-H BioLok™ 300 μl Filtered, Racked Tips
P1000-H BioLok™ 1000 μl Filtered, Racked Tips

Available types 

Product Code  Packaging information
Filtered | Non-Sterile
Filtered | Sterile
Filtered | Low retention
Filtered | Sterile, Low retention


96 pcs x 10 racks x 5 boxes = 4800 pcs per case