Blueair Pure air purifier for rooms up to 550 ft2

Style: Blue Pure 411 Auto
Sale price$189.99


Product code Room size CFM
Sound Level
211+ Auto < 550 ft2 380 23 - 56 dB(A)
311 Auto < 388 ft2 250
23 - 53 dB(A)
411 Auto < 190 ft2 123
18 - 48 dB(A)

Meet the Blue family

Plug and play simplicity - Blue features our signature performance with colorful style – in a lightweight, compact package

  • Change color in seconds with customizable pre-filter colors
  • Place anywhere without losing performance with a 360° air intake
  • Simplified settings with one-button control

Customize freely

Change color in seconds with multiple fabric pre-filter options to match your space. The colorful fabric doubles as a pre-filter, catching large particles and extending the life of the primary filter.

Simple to place

Freely place almost anywhere in the room with the large 360° air intake.

Unlike some air purifiers with strict rules for placement, Blue family models use a 360-degree air intake, meaning you can place the air purifier almost anywhere in the room without compromising performance.

Intuitive Auto mode

Blue Pure Auto models feature the Auto mode setting to help maintain a comfortable room environment. When enabled, the air purifier auto-increases fan speed when diminishing air quality is detected by the particle sensor (when cooking, vacuuming, etc.) and returns to a lower speed once pollution dissipates.​