BLM100 Face Shield

Type: 1 Case (400 face-shields)
Sale price$150.00


BLM100 Faceshields are made of flexible and shatterproof PET plastic. They are adjustable to fit the face and are held in place with an elastic head strap. These visors are easy to disinfect and have an anti-fog membrane and a comfortable foam headband designed to protect the entire face.


Product Code BLM100
Width 33cm, Length 22cm
Head Strap  Comfortable 3 cm thick foam headband, 1.5 cm elastic band
Shelf life  3 Years after manufacturing date
Packaging  10 face-shields x 40 bags = 400 face-shields/case
Packaging specs  Individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags, 10/bag

    Storage & Packaging


    10 face-shields x 40 bags = 400 face-shields per case
    Individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed bags, 10 per bag
    Carton dimensions: 28''x17''x13'' / 38lbs
    Precautions and safety measures

    Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from dust, direct sunlight, moisture, x-ray, and excessive heat above 100°F ( 37°C )