Sodium heparin tubes

Material: PET
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Plasma tubes for clinical chemistry are available with spray-dried sodium heparin or lithium heparin additives. Heparin acts as an anticoagulant by creating a complex with antithrombin III. This complex inhibits thrombin and the activated factor X and thus prevents coagulation. For clinical chemistry, lithium heparin is generally preferred over sodium heparin.

    Sodium heparin tubes

    Ensy REF Volume (mL) Size (mm) Additive Material Closure type Color
    NC039152 3.0 13 x 75 Sodium Heparin PET Safety cap Green
    NC039153 4.0 13 x 75 Sodium Heparin PET Safety cap Green
    NC039155 5.0 13 x 100 Sodium Heparin PET Safety cap Green
    NC039156 6.0 13 x 100 Sodium Heparin PET Safety cap Green
    NC039159 10.0 16 x 100 Sodium Heparin Glass Safety cap Green

     Glass tubes / Paper, transparent, and UV printed labels / Other draw volumes.
    PACKING All tubes are supplied in racks of 100 / cases of 1200.



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